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Posted on Mar 6 on 2014

A year ago, actor Jason Patric’s son was taken from him due to a legal loophole denying him parentage and painting him as nothing more than a “sperm donor.” Now he’s fighting for custody of his own son, as well as for fathers in similar positions who can’t fight for themselves.

After years of trying and with no success, Patric and former girlfriend finally conceived their first child through in-vitro fertilization. Although the couple never married, they raised their son together for a number of years, until the child’s mother decided to oust Patric from the picture. She was legally able to do so, thanks to a California State law claiming that a man whose sperm is used by a fertility clinic must have a signed agreement in writing clearly stating plans to co-parent, otherwise, he does not have parental rights.

Thus began Patric’s year-long crusade to not only regain parentage of his child, but also help fathers who may find themselves in similar positions. His foundation, “Stand Up for Gus,” ( raises money for free legal representation for families with limited resources engaged in costly custody battles.

“If anything, it’s going to prevent other fathers and countless children from ever being in this situation again,” said Patric in a recent interview with Katie Couric. “I want my boy back, but at the very minimum it’s going to prevent something like this from ever happening to anyone ever again.”

Patric’s own custody fight is by no means a lost cause. California State Senator Jerry Hill, the author of the original law, introduced a bill seeking to amend it. He has recently stated that the law should be clarified, so it can better serve the best interest of children in question. Furthermore, another law already on the books in California states that if a man raises a child, even out of wedlock, and can claim to be the father when no one else can, he can claim parentage.

Jason has found in his own cause an opportunity to fight for something bigger than himself.

The law needs to be changed. The statute which led to Patric’s exclusion did not contemplate modern medical advances such as in-vitro fertilization and it does not recognize the fact that unwed individuals often use these procedures to create a family. Where a father has shown a commitment to raise a child, the law should not allow a mother to exclude the father from the child’s life.